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I’m the Director of Prospect Research at Chapman University and a seasoned technical research specialist. With the combination of my unique skills marrying non-profit prospect research and data science, I deliver an illuminating perspective on fundraising and data.
As a member of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement and the Association of Fundraising Professionals, I strictly adhere to their confidentiality and ethics standards in my work.

here are some of the things I do

Prospect Research

I can provide a variety of reports, from in-depth profiles to philanthropy information. My experience also extends to wealth screenings, relationship mapping as well as verifying and list-building top prospects.

Data Mining and Analysis

I have a keen ability to adapt complex data points into a clear, meaningful analysis. Whether it be segmenting a data dump or providing a more personalized data set, I can provide leading insights and business recommendations.

Data visualization & DEV

Going beyond boring Excel™ bar graphs, I hack away with the latest technology attempting to harmonize analytical and aesthetic aspects in mapping abstract and complex data.

Technologies in my toolbox

(not all-inclusive of course)

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